Friday, March 27, 2015


by Kimber Bailey Scott
2 Kings 4:8-11

I’m Big Enough to Share (tune: row, row, row your boat)
I will share at home. I will share at home.
I am big enough to share. I will share at home

This is my book; I’ll open it wide, To show you the pictures that are inside.
This is my ball, so big and round. We can toss it in the air or roll it on the ground.
This is my umbrella; it can keep us both dry When raindrops fall from the cloudy sky. – Adapted
(Do motions the words suggest.)

Bring a doll and blanket and invite the children in a circle on the floor. Talk to the doll: Would you like to listen to a Bible story with us? Help the doll make it’s bed. What do you think this doll wants to do with her bed? (take a nap, sleep, etc.) We’ll let her lie on her bed while we listen to a Bible story about someone else who had a bed. Put the doll & it’s bed aside and open your Bible to 2 Kings 4:8-11.

This is Elisha. Display clothespin. Can you say his name with me? E-lye-shuh. Good! Elisha was one of God’s helpers. Pass out the clothespins. Let’s help Elisha walk to the town of Shunem. Demonstrate Elisha “walking” on the floor; encourage them to do the same. Elisha walked to tell people what God wanted them to do. When Elisha got to a town called Shunem, a woman asked Elisha to come to her house. “Please come have dinner with my husband and me,” she said. So Elisha went home with the woman. Help Elisha “walk” to the woman’s house.

After that first visit, every time Elisha came to Shunem he stopped to eat with the kind woman and her husband. One day the kind woman said to her husband, “I want to share with God’s helper Elisha. Let’s build a room in our house where he can stay when he visits us.” So the kind woman and her husband built a room just for Elisha. He could sleep in this room when he visited his friends. Elisha was happy that the kind woman and her husband shared with him. Put Elisha to “sleep” on the floor; then collect all clothespins.

Bring the “sleeping” doll back into the circle. It’s time to wake up! Did you have a good nap? Have the dolls head nod yes. Do you like your bed? Nods yes. Display your clothespin. Who can point to the person who had a new bed in our Bible story? Who can show me how Elisha felt when the kind woman and her husband shared with him? Encourage the children to make happy faces. Is there anyone here who is growing big enough to share? Encourage children to point to themselves or to others.

The Bible says, “Be…kind“ Ephesians 4:32 Can you say those words with me? Say them louder. Say them softer. Give each one a Bible (or share) & ask each to say, “Be…kind“ Ephesians 4:32

Read a book to them about sharing. Find one of these in a library near you or on the internet. Examples: Colors & Shapes to Share, Fun with Lacey, Sharing time, Share & Take Turns, One for Me One for You, Emily’s Sharing & Caring Book, I am Sharing by Mercer Mayer, etc.

Let them draw faces on their clothespin and wrap a piece of cloth around it. Tie a piece of yarn around the cloth to secure it.

Give each child a portion of play dough. I’m sharing my play dough with you! Distribute rolling pins or dowls and cookie cutters. There should NOT be enough for each child to have one. As children works with their play dough, perhaps making food of some kind, direct their thinking to sharing. When you have finished with the rolling pin, Philip, please share it with Jill…Kenzie is big enough to share this cookie cutter with you, Caleb. Thank You, god for helping these children grow big enough to share…When we share we are doing what our Bible verse says, “Be…kind.” Sharing makes us feel happy too! You can share like this at home with your brother, David. You are big enough.

Gather children in a circle. Assist one child at a time to dip the wand in the bubble solution and blow. Ask each child to pass the wand to the child seated/standing beside him. When you give the wand to someone you are sharing. I see someone big enough to share! Point to a child who is passing the wand. Yes, it is Tristan. He is sharing with Mary. Can you see someone who is big enough to share? You can share like this at home too.

Non spring clothespins for each
A book on Sharing
Play dough
Roll pins or dowls
Cookie cutters
Bubble solution with wand

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