Friday, March 27, 2015

Timothy is a helper

by Kimber Bailey Scott
2 Timothy 1:5; 3:15


It’s Time to Worship
(tune: It’s time to brush your teeth)
It’s time to stop our playing
and put our toys away.
It’s time for us to worship God
at Bible school today.
It’s time to sit together.
It’s time to sing and pray.
It’s time for us to worship God
At Bible school today.

I Love Jesus
(tune: Jesus loves me)
I love Jesus I can say
I will love Him every day!
While I work and while I play
I will love Him every day!
(use help in place of love)

I will use my helping hand
I will use my helping hand
Pick up toys and share with friends
I will be Jesus helper friend.

I will use my helping eyes
I will see my helping eyes.
Look for things to do to help
I will be Jesus helper friend

Listening Rhyme

First our feet go tap tap tap (tap feet on floor)
Then our hands go clap clap clap (clap hands)
We look with both our eyes (make glasses by circling fingers around eyes)
We hear with both our ears (cup hands behind ears)
And then our hands fall in our laps (fold hands in lap)
  • Dorothy Fay Richards

I Want to Help

I want to help in every way! (hold arms open wide)
With ears and eyes and mouth (point to each)
With feet (bend down and touch feet)
And hands (clap hands)
And all I am (hold arms open wide)
I want to help today (nod head up and down)
-Dorothy Fay Richards

Plant your Bible somewhere before class. Ask a child to go and get it for you. ____, can you bring me my Bible? Thank you,___, for bringing my Bible to me. You are a good helper! Today our story is about a young boy who was a helper in his home. You can be a helper right now by listening to the story and watching very carefully so you will know what actions to do with me. Place the Bible on your lap.

The Bible tells us about a boy named Timothy. When Timothy was a small boy, maybe about your age, he probably liked to help his mother and grandmother. Perhaps sometimes Timothy would help his mother sweep the floor. (let the children stand up and pretend to sweep the floor)

Timothy liked to hear his grandmother read the big Bible scroll. She might have said, “Timothy, please bring me the Bible scroll so I can read you a Bible story.” Timothy, probably hurried to get the scroll. Then his grandmother would read the Bible scroll to him as he sat very quietly and listened. (hold hands together as a book and pretend to read)

Sometimes Timothy’s mother needed sticks to build her fire so she could cook. Perhaps she would say, “Timothy, please bring me some sticks for a fire. Thank you, Timothy, for being such a good helper!” Let children pretend to pick up stick and bring them back to you.
Timothy was a good helper. He was always ready to do what his mother and grandmother needed him to do. He liked being a helper!

Bring out your magic bag with helping supplies. Let one child at a time reach into the bag and pull out an item. Tell me what you pulled out. How could you help with a _____? Who will you help with a ____? Use the items more than once and let each child have a turn. When you help your parents you are helping the way Timothy probably helped his mother and grandmother. All of you are big enough to be helpers. And Jesus is happy when we help others!

The Bible tells us that “we are helpers”. The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 1:24, “We…are helpers. “ Can you say those words with me? Say them louder. Say them softer. Give each one a Bible (or share) & ask each to say, We…are helpers.

Have the children stand in a circle. Using the tune to “row row row your boat” sing these words:
Timothy helped at home. Timothy helped at home.
He was growing up so bid. Timothy helped at home.
Let the children think of ways Timothy might have helped and act these out as you all sing the first line. Example: Timothy swept the floor; picked up toys; made his bed, etc.

Then sing these words. Let children suggest ways they can help and then pretend to do them. Even add their names in.
I can help at home, I can help at home.
I am growing up fast. I can help at home.

Andrew , Andrew helps at home. Andrew helps at home.
Andrew is growing up to tall. Andrew can help at home.

You thought of lots of good ways to help! You are big enough to do these things.

Show the children how to frost their cookies with the jumbo craft sticks. Then let them decorate the cookies with sprinkles and other decorations. Make sure you know about any allergies your kids may have before you start this project! As the children work, suggest ways to help as well as point out those who are helping. Be specific so children will know what they did to help. ____, please pass the raisins to _____. You are a good helper. ____, you can help ____ by handing him this napkin. ____, have you ever helped to bake cookies at home? What do you do to help? Jesus wants us to help others.

Magic bag or large garbage bag
Helping supplies (dust cloth, small broom,
plate, plastic glass, paper towel, bucket, etc.)
Sugar cookies

Chocolate chips
Jumbo craft stick

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