Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jesus Healed Jarius' Daughter

by Kimber Bailey Scott
for 2-5 year olds

(tune: Frere Jacques)
Are you sleeping? Are you sleeping?
Little girl? Little girl?
Jesus is coming, He will help you.
Now you're well! Now you're well!

Tell the story with a towel/blanket and a doll that opens and shuts eyes OR act it out yourself.
Matthew 9:1, 18-26; Mark 5:21-43; Luke 8:40-56
Have each kid be Jesus and go to the doll or to you. 
Have them say: She's only sleeping! Get up!
They pick up the doll and the eyes open OR have them "help" you up and your eyes open.
Why did Jarius come to Jesus? What did Jesus do?

When Jarius came to Jesus, he knelt down. Show them how to kneel if they don't already know how. During prayer time, have everyone kneel. Kneeling shows God that He is king and we respect and worship Him.

Lay down a towel for each child. Have each kid lay on one. Kneel down beside each one and touch them saying You're only sleeping! Get up! Then have them walk around the room.

Play pin the band-aid on the girl (you as the mom might be the only girl).

Cut out a large shape of a child for each kid. Tell them what to color: eyes, mouth, nose, hair, ears, belly button, fingers, knees, etc. Give them band-aids and tell them where to place the band-aids: over the heart, on an eye, knee, elbow, tummy, etc. Talk about ailments and where we get hurt. Write on each: Jesus healed Jarius' daughter; He can heal me too!

Have a bag of gauze. Loosely wrap a piece around each child; give them a choice: elbow, wrist/hand, knee or ankle.

Have a pop tart with strawberry filling for each child. Cut it to make it "bleed." Cut strips of fruit foll ups for them to use as band-aids.

Doll (opens & shuts eyes)
Towel for each kid
Picture or cutout of a child
Strawberry filled pop tarts
Plastic knives
Plates or paper towels
Fruit roll ups

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