Monday, June 4, 2012

Jesus Heals A Blind Man

by Kimber Bailey Scott
for 2-5 year olds

Sit on the floor & have a first aid kit. Open it and explain what each item is and why and what for. Lay them out. Have you ever been sick or gotten hurt? Who takes care of you? Doctors are smart people and they're smart because God gives them knowledge to help people.

Mark 10:46-52
This man's faith was in Jesus. He believed Jesus could heal him. All he had to do was ask and Jesus did it. Have you ever been sick? With what? Can Jesus heal you when you're sick?

The man Jesus healed was blind, which means he couldn't see anything at all, even when his eyes were open and all the lights were on. Close your eyes tight...that's kind of what it's like to be blind. Open your eyes now. Let's play a game. Blindfold one kid at a time (or all if you're brave). Do things like Simon says and follow the leaders voice. Could you see anything with the blindfold on? Would you want to be blind all the time?

Let's make something to help us remember that Jesus can heal us when we are sick or hurt. Touch and feel - Fill bags with lots of small objects of different textures. Have the children put their hand into the bag to feel it. Can they guess what it is? 

Have Zorro type masks for them and sticky notes on the backs to cover up the eye holes. Jesus healed the blind man and allowed him to see. Peel off the sticky notes and place the masks on their heads.

Draw eyes on a plate or butcher paper. Give them 2 Oreo cookies and have them place it on the eyes of the face. Tell the story again as they eat.

First aid kit
Paper sacks
Small items with different textures (balloon, gummy bears, sand, rock, etc.)
Stick Notes
Plates or butcher paper
Permanent marker
Oreo or other round cookies

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