Friday, March 27, 2015

Jesus visits in the home of His friends, Mary & Martha

by Kimber Bailey Scott
Luke 10:38-42

Wear an apron and be holding a broom or feather duster. Hello friends! I knew you were coming so I have been cleaning. Do you ever help clean the house when company is coming? Jesus visited at the home of His friends, Mary and Martha. I’m sure they wanted everything to look just right.

Get up with your broom or feather duster; acting tired. I thought I had finished cleaning but I found some more dirt so I thought I’d clean it up while I tell you the story. You know, Jesus’ friend, Martha, was like me. But Jesus wanted her to listen. Let me tell you the story now. Sit back down. Open your Bible and have your visuals handy. Hold up the paper dolls, folded so that only Jesus is showing.

Jesus and some of His friends had walked a long way. Make the figure walk. They came to the town where Mary and her sister, Martha, lived. Perhaps Martha opened the door and said, “Come in friend Jesus.” Unfold two more figures: Mary and Martha. Mary probably said, “Friend Jesus, You are welcome here.”

Jesus came in. He sat down and rested. He talked to His friends. Mary sat down and listened to Jesus while Martha worked. She was busy fixing dinner for Jesus. Jesus said, “Come friend Martha, sit down, rest and listen.” Jesus liked being with His friends, Mary and Martha. Jesus likes being with you too! Open the last figure.

You are My Friends (tune: row row row your boat) – inserting each child’s name.

___________ is Jesus’s friend; ___________ is Jesus’s friend.
The Bible tells us Jesus said, “You are all my friends.

Pull out a mirror. Hold it up to a child, one at a time. Ask one of these questions to each:
  1. Who do you see? Are you Jesus’ special friend? Yes, Jesus said, “You are my friends.”
  2. Can you show me how it feels to be Jesus’ special friend? We feel happy because Jesus is our special friend.
  3. Does Jesus love you? Yes, the Bible tells us that Jesus loves us.
  4. Can you show me how it feels to be loved by Jesus? I’m happy to know that Jesus loves me!

Hold up your Bible. What is this? Yes, this is the Bible. Inside, there are new memory verses for us to learn. Open your Bible to John 15:14. The Bible says, “You are my friends.” Can you say those words with me? Say them softer. Say them louder. Give each on a Bible (or share) and ask each to say, “You are my friends.”

Give each child a paper plate with a cookie and a jumbo craft stick. Show the children hot to take a small amount of frosting on their jumbo craft sticks and spread it carefully on their cookies. This will be messy, so be prepared with we wipes and towels to wipe hands as needed. Towels, old tshirts or aprons tied around children will keep frosting off clothing.

_____, my friend, you have done a great job spreading frosting on your cookie. These boy and girl cookies make me think of what Jesus said, “You are my friends.” He wants all boys and girls to be His friends. He wants to be your friend. When the children have had time to spread the frosting, say Before we eat, let’s thank God for our food and for our special friend, Jesus. Pray: Thank You, God, for our cookies and for our special friend, Jesus.

Have the Bible open and materials, except play dough, on the table. When the children are seated, go around the table letting each child “read” the memory verse and get a sticker. This sticker will remind you that Jesus is your special friend.

Hand out play dough. Show how to make a pancake and press the sharp edge of the cutter into the dough. If you do not have cookie cutters, show children hot to make a friend of Jesus by attaching a small ball to the end of a “snake” body then wrapping another “snake” around the middle of the body for arms and a third “snake” at the bottom for legs. As children work, sing You are My Friends.

Use a black marker to make plates into steering wheels, one for each child and teacher. Hold up a steering wheel and ask, Who can tell me what this is? That’s right. It’s a steering wheel like the one in your car. I’m going to give you a steering wheel so you can pretend you are driving a car. We can drive wherever you want and our friend Jesus will go with us. How does it make you feel to know that Jesus is your friend? Yes, it makes you feel happy! I’m happy that Jesus is my friend too. Pass out the steering wheels and lead the children around your classroom or around the church building. Stop frequently to pretend you are in a new place. Here we are at Grandma’s house (the store, at home, over the mountains, etc.). Thank You, friend Jesus, for always being with us.

Broom or feather duster
Make paper dolls taping the hands together, place them in your bible before class
Play dough
People cookie cutters
Sugar cookies shaped like girls and boys
Jumbo craft sticks
Prepared frosting
Clean up supplies (wet wipes, etc.)
Towels, Tshirts or aprons
Paper plates
Plastic knives

Black marker

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