Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Resurrection Garden - Easter activity

You'll need:
seeds or Spanish moss (optional)
disposable plate for paint
6 twigs
twine or yarn
rock or piece of pottery - about the size of the opening of the pot

Have the child(ren) paint or decorate the pot. Terracotta is very easy to paint with qtips. Taking 2 twigs at a time, cross them and wrap X or the connecting part with twine or yarn. Secure with a double knot and trim extra pieces. Continue until you have 3 crosses. Have the child(ren) paint those as well. Dig a small opening in the ground for the pot. The dirt you unearthed, pack around pot. Pour soil over and around pot. Place rocks/pebbles around the front of the pot. Plant grass seeds, flower seeds or place Spanish moss if desired around the top soil. Stick the crosses into the soil. Place the rock or piece of pottery slightly in front of the pot opening.

Talk about why Jesus came to Earth, why He died on the cross, how He was the ultimate sacrifice, how many days did it take for Him to rise and go to Heaven, etc. It's amazing how torn children can feel, sometimes confused. They're precious hearts... No wonder God loves those that come to Him like little children.

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