Friday, March 27, 2015


by Kimber Bailey Scott
Luke 10:30-37


It’s Time to Worship
(tune: It’s time to brush your teeth)

It’s time to stop our playing
and put our toys away.
It’s time for us to worship God
at Bible school today.
It’s time to sit together.
It’s time to sing and pray.
It’s time for us to worship God
At Bible school today.

I Love Jesus
(tune: Jesus loves me)

I love Jesus I can say
I will love Him every day!
While I work and while I play
I will love Him every day!
(use help in place of love)

I will use my helping hand
I will use my helping hand
Pick up toys and share with friends
I will be Jesus helper friend.

I will use my helping eyes
I will see my helping eyes.
Look for things to do to help
I will be Jesus helper friend

Pull out a first aid kit or bandaid box from your magic bag. Then pull out a ripped stuffed animal. We need to help this animal! Today our Bible story is about a hurt man and the person who helped him. Let’s listen very quietly and find out what happened. Pull out a Bible and set it in your lap.

I need your help in telling the Bible story. I want you to make the same motions I make as I tell this story. Can you pat your legs like this? (pat your legs) Good! Can you moan and rub your head as if you are hurt? (moan and rub your head) Good! Now we are ready for our story.

A man was walking along a road one day (have children pat their legs to make stepping sound) when suddenly some bad men jumped out of the bushes and hurt him. The bad men ran away and left the hurt man on the road. The man moaned. His head hurt. (have the children pat their heads and moan.)

Someone was coming. (have children pat their legs to make stepping sound) What did the man hear? Maybe the man would stop and help him (stop patting) But the person went right on by. He didn’t stop to help.

Oh, more steps. (have children pat their legs to make stepping sound) Someone else was coming. Maybe this person would stop. (stop patting) No, this person walked right past the hurt man too. He moaned again. (have the children pat their head and moan)

Someone else was coming. (pat legs) Would this person stop? (stop patting) The hurt man looked up. This man had stopped! The kind man bent down and gently put medicine on the hurt man’s sore places. Then he carefully put on some bandages. He gave him some water to drink. Then he very carefully put the hurt man on his own donkey and took him to a house where people could take care of him until he got well.

Pick up the hurt doll/stuffed toy. This doll is hurt. What could we do for it? Be prepared to put a bandaid or bandage on the doll. Wrap it in a blanket and hug it to make it feel better, as children suggest.

Ask a child to come up. Let’s pretend that _____ fell down and got hurt. How can we help him/her? Be prepared to accept the children’s suggestions as well as make some of your own. Getting an adult to help her is a good idea. When you help someone you are doing what the Bible tells us to do. All of you are getting big enough to help others. And Jesus is pleased when we help others!


The Bible tells us that “we are helpers”. The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 1:24, “We…are helpers. “ Can you say those words with me? Say them louder. Say them softer. Give each one a Bible (or share) & ask each to say, We…are helpers.

Give each child an apple or pear or banana. Have them rip or tear the skin with a plastic butter knife or you may want to do it for them. Take fruit roll up (the foot long) and have them wrap their fruit up like a bandage.

Allow children to dress up in men dress shirts and pretend to be doctors and nurses. Show them how to wrap each other with the ace bandages and how to take care of sick children. Make sure the children take turns playing various roles. Encourage them to help each other when dressing up, bandaging another child, etc.
Thank you, _____, for helping ______ put on the doctor shirt. You are a good helper…When doctors and nurses work with sick or hurt people, they are helping them to get well. In our Bible story, a kind man stopped to help a hurt man. The kind man was a good helper. Our Bible verse says, “We…are helpers.” You are getting big enough to be good helpers!

Have the children sit down in a circle with their legs spread out in front of them. Say a child’s name and roll the ball to him. When the child catches the ball have him say, “We are helpers.” Younger children may roll the ball back to you and start all over. Older children can say another child’s name and roll the ball to that child. Remind the children that we want to let everybody have a turn. After the children have had turns saying the Bible verse, when they get the ball, have them tell ways they can help at home.


Magic bag
First aid kit or bandaid box
Ripped stuffed animal
Bandaid or bandage
Men’s dress shirts – one for each child
Ace bandages
Doctor kits
Housekeeping supplies
Large ball
Apples, pears and/or bananas
Plastic butter knives
Fruit roll ups (foot longs)
Plates or paper towels

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