Friday, March 27, 2015


Genesis 37:2, 3, 14

GREET each child with an animal puppet of your choosing. “My, you are growing tall, _____! You might need a new coat like Joseph’s since you’re growing so big. Your hand is bigger than my paw.”

We are Growing Big Enough (tune: Oh, Be Careful”)
We are growing big enough to help. (I will help!)
We are growing big enough to help. (I will help!)
We are growing big enough. We are growing big enough.
We are growing big enough to help. (I will help!)

 Now we are ready to pray, “Thank You, God, for helping us to grow big enough to help. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Have the same puppet working hard to put his toys into a box. You sure are working hard! Puppet nods his head and continues working. Last year you were not able to pick up that big toy or reach over the side of the box. Have him stretch up tall to show how much he has grown. You remind me of someone in the Bible who was growing up and could help his family more and more. Boys and girls, I want you to help me. This is a story from God’s Word. Every time you hear me say, “Sheep” I want you to “Baa-a-a” two times. Let’s practice. Joseph’s father had many sheep. (Baa-a-a Baa-a-a) Joseph’s brothers took care of the sheep. (Baa-a-a Baa-a-a) You are good “Baa-a-a-ers”! Now be good listeners to our story from God’s Word.

Open your Bible to Genesis 37 and put it in your lap. Joseph was a little boy whose father loved him very much. Show Joseph’s head. Joseph probably liked to go outside and watch his brothers take care of the sheep. Wait for children to baa-a-a.

When Joseph was older, his father gave him a beautiful coat with many colors. Unfold to show the middle section. Joseph was big enough now to help his brothers watch the sheep. (Baa-a-a Baa-a-a) He probably wore his new coat when he went out to watch the sheep. (Baa-a-a Baa-a-a)

Joseph continued to growing and helping his father. By the time Joseph was a young man, he had grown tall and could help even more. Unfold last section. His father said, “Joseph, you are big enough to help in a special way. Your brothers have been gone a long time trying to find green grass for our sheep. (Baa-a-a Baa-a-a) I want you to go and see if your brothers and the sheep (Baa-a-a Baa-a-a) are all right. Then come back and tell me.”

God had helped Joseph grow big enough to help. I think the sheep (Baa-a-a Baa-a-a) grew big and healthy on the green grass too!

Have the children squat as you show Joseph’s head. Could baby Joseph go away from home to find his brothers? (No) Now have children kneel as you show the middle of the picture. Could little boy Joseph go away from home to find his brothers? (No) Could the big boy Joseph go away from home to find his brothers? (Yes) Children stand as you show the open picture.

Use a tape measure to measure a doll. I want to measure someone who is wearing something red. As you name each new color, measure each child. As you measure each child, help him or her mention a way he or she has helped you or ask them to help you do something. You are growing to be helpers just like Joseph did.

The Bible says, “I will…help“ 2 Samuel 10:11. Can you say those words with me? Say them louder. Say them softer. Give each one a Bible (or share) & ask each to say, “I will…help“ 2 Samuel 10:11.

1. Cut up the center of each sack and across the bottom to the middle. Cut a neck hole in the bottom and arm holes in the sides to make a sack coat. As children color their “Coat of many colors” say, our Bible story is about a boy named Joseph who grew big enough to help. His father gave him a pretty coat with lots of colors in it. Maybe it looked something like this. Hold up a completed coat. God is helping you grow. When you were babies, you wore baby clothes. You couldn’t do anything for yourselves. Now you wear bigger clothes. You are big enough to be helpers. Let’s thank God for helping you grow big enough to help.
2. Have a large piece of paper per child. Write the name of the child at the top. Trace their hands and feet onto the paper. Then weigh them & write that down as well as their height and the date. Also the memory verse.
Example: LILLY
Weight: 32 lb
Height: 36 inches
October 19, 2010
I will…help“ 2 Samuel 10:11

Help children use the orange juice squeezer. Make sure each child has a turn at this. Pour juice into cups and have a taste. Orange juice is good for our bodies. It helps us grow. Can you name other foods God gives us to help us grow? Joseph grew up and helped his father. You are getting big enough to help too. If you have time after this, allow the children to pretend to “keep house.” Talk about ways to help and point out helpful actions you see.

Animal puppet of your choosing 
Picture of Joseph
Tape Measure
Paper grocery sacks for each child
Completed paper sack “coat of many colors”
Large piece of paper per child
Small cups
Hand juicer

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