Friday, March 27, 2015


by Kimber Bailey Scott
Genesis 4:1-2


Have a heart painted on or a heart shaped sticker on your cheek when the children arrive. Tell each one, Look, _______, I have a heart on my cheek. It reminds me of our memory verse “God is love.” Can you say the memory verse for me? Good! You may now have a sticker for your cheek to remind you that “God is love.”


Someone Loves Me by Sandra Maddux

Some loves me very much (hug self)
When I’m sleeping, when I play (pretend to sleep; then clap hands)
Someone takes good care of me (point to self)
And I am happy every day! (smile)

(repeat, subbing mother, daddy, grandmother; for ‘someone,’ then whomever the kids suggest.)


Thank You, God, for loving us. Thank You, God, for our families. In Jesus’s name, Amen.


PREP: Put these items in a picnic basket: Bible that has a small picture of the world placed in Genesis 1, Heart placed in 1 John 4, flannel family figures, flannel board, picture of bible times family, and tiny heart shaped cookies.

Spread out a large sheet or blanket to sit on.

Why do you have a heart on your cheek?...That’s right! The Bible tells us “God is love.”

Do the rhyme again.

God loves us and gave us our families.

Push your picnic basket out in front of you but do not open it. Do you like to go on picnics? Picnics are one of the best things you can do with your family. They are so much fun! Let’s see what’s in our basket. As you pull out each item, allow a child to hold it as you talk about it and then put it down.

Pull out the Bible. What is this?...Yes, a Bible. In the beginning of our Bible we read that God made the world. Show the picture placed in Genesis. Who can tell me the name of the first man God mad?...You are right. Adam was the first man God made and he was the first daddy. Pull out the flannel father and put him on the board.

Who can tell me the name of the first woman God made?...Great! Eve was the first woman God made and she was the first mommy. Pull ou the flannel mom and place her next to Adam. Next place the 2 sons on the board.

Our Bible tells us God gave Adam and Eve children to love and take care of. Can anyone tell me their sons names? --- Cain was the older brother and Abel was the younger brother.

Pull out or point to the picnic basket. Maybe they went on picnics together just like our families do today. Turn to 1 John in your Bible and show the heart. “God is love.” He knew we would need our families. I’m so happy that God loves us and gives us our families! Let’s say thank you to God.

Prompt children by counting and holding up fingers. One, Two, Three very enthusiastically Thank You, God! Yes, thank You, God for families!

Who give us mommies? GOD!
Who gives us daddies? GOD!
Who gives us our families? GOD!
Does God love you? YES!
The Bible says, God is what? GOD IS LOVE!

Oh, I almost forgot, there’s one more thing in our picnic basket. Pull out cookies and give each child one. I’m so happy that God thought of families.


The Bible tells us that God made the world. The Bible says, “ “ Can you say those words with me? Say them louder. Say them softer.

Give each one a Bible (or share) & ask each to say,


Needed: face paint, handheld mirror, wet wipes, paper towels

Explain that you have a special paint for faces and that it will wash off easily. If some children are hesitant, offer to paint their hands. ________, you may choose a color and I will paint a heart on your cheek. This will help you remember our memory verse. Can you say them? “God is love.”

Let each child see his face in the mirror when you have finished. ______, when someone asks, “Why do you have a heart on your face? What will you say? Great! GOD IS LOVE!


Needed: ziplocs, perm marker, crayons, copy and cut out figures for each child

Cut out enough figures so that each child will have one for each of his family members. Put each child’s family figures in a Ziploc with the child’s name written on it with perm marker.

At the end of class give each child their bag and say, ____, who did God put in your family? Here is your mommy, daddy and ??? (sisters and brothers) and you. What does your family like to do together? You can color them.

Heart shaped stickers
Large sheet or blanket
Picnic basket
small picture of the world placed in Genesis 1
Heart placed in 1 John 4
flannel family figures
flannel board
picture of bible times family
tiny heart shaped cookies
face paint
handheld mirror
wet wipes
paper towels
perm. marker

copy and cut out figures for each child’s family

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