Friday, March 27, 2015


by Kimber Bailey Scott
Genesis 6:5-9:17

Enough material for 3-4 lessons

FOCUS: Noah listened to God/ animals 2 by 2/ rain & flood/ Rainbows & God keeps promises

SONGS: Animals Coming, Arkie – Arkie, Noah in the Ark, Hippopotamus, Who built the Ark?, Noah's Ark Song
Noah's Ark Song
(Old MacDonald had a Farm)

Good Old Noah built an Ark like God told him to.
And on that ark he took two _________, like God told him to.
With a _________ here & a _________ there.
Good Old Noah Built an ark, like God told him too.
(last) And if you do what God says do, He will bless you too.

Who Built The Ark?
(listen to on YouTube)

Who built the ark? Noah, Noah
Who Built the Ark? Brother Noah built the ark.

Now didn't old Noah built the ark
Built it out of hickory bark
He built it long, both wide & tall
Plenty of room for the large and small


He found him an ax & a hammer too
Began to art and he began to hew
Every time that hammer ring
Noah short and Noah sing


Now in come the animals 2 by 2
Hippopotamus and kangaroos
Now in come the animals 3 by 3
2 big cats and a bumble bee


In come the animals 4 by 4
2 through the window and 2 through the door
In come the animals 5 by 5
4 little sparrows with their red breasts high


Well here come the animals 6 by 6
The elephant laughing at the monkey's tricks
In come the animals 7 by 7
4 from home & the rest from heaven

In come the animals 8 by 8
some were on time but others were late
now in come the animals 9 by 9
some were snorting & some were crying


In come the animals 10 by 10
5 black roosters, 5 black hens
Now Noah says “Go shut the door”
The rains started droppin & we can't take more


Have the kids sit on the floor around you. Have your bag of props with you.
  1. Pull out a mirror (you hold the mirror the whole time) & have them look at their ears in it. Put the mirror back in the bag.
  2. Pull out a big ear & put it on yourself. Can I hear better? Let's see. Pull out big ears (even copies on a craft stick) for each of them. Have them put it up to their ears. Can you hear me if I talk like this (whisper)? What about like this (loudly)? What about like this (sing)?What do you use your ears for? Use your ears to listen to God, parents & teachers. Are you suppose to listen to strangers? NO! (cover your ears -they will do the same)
  3. Let's use our ears to listen to the story. Pull out the Bible or a Noah's Ark book. Read them the story. Say different animals Noah put into the ark. After each animal say “and the ___________ says __________.” example: and the cow says (kids say moo here).
  4. Did Noah listen to God? How? How can you listen?
  5. Pull small toy animals out of your bag. Ask what it is. What sound does it make? Give to a child. Repeat until at least every child has 1-3 animals. Have them put them back into the bag.
  6. Pull out a kaleidoscope. Have them each look in it and tell what colors they see. Talk about the rainbow & colors in it. When do they see a rainbow? Why? What was God's promise?


Have the kids build an ark with blocks, legos or cardboard boxes.

Act out sounds & motions for animals (monkey, dog, elephant, tiger, lion, bear, giraffe, hippo, cat, bird, horse, pig, donkey, turkey cow, etc.)

Guess what animals I'm doing – game

Build an ark like Noah: Use wooden mallets to hammer on wood. (They LOVE this!)

Let's see if you can listen – game: Use big cut outs of ears glued on craft sticks for each child.
See if you can hear with your ear.
LISTEN! Stand up
LISTEN! Sit down
LISTEN! Rub your tummy
LISTEN! Touch your toes
LISTEN! Clap your hands
LISTEN! Look behind you
LISTEN! Stand on one leg
LISTEN! Touch your ear

Use a Spray bottle with water to spray over their heads. Talk about rain. Have umbrellas or a tarp/tent so they can hold/get under.

Mix up animals toys into a bucket (2 of each). Have them find the pairs. or Ask each child to find a certain animals (the pair) each.

Fill a shallow tub with water. Let them play with boats in it.

Play “Noah Says”
Bark Meow Quack
Snort Beg Lick
Waddle Be Still Chirp
Wiggle Baa Goggle

Animals matching card game


Cut out an ark from construction paper & animals from magazines. Have them glue the animals to their arks. Write their name on the ark like “Matthew's Ark”

Cut/decorate paper sacks into an ark. Use animals crackers as they go 2 by 2 into the ark.

Ark/flood in a bottle:
Fill ½ water bottle with rubbing alcohol. Put 2/3 drops of blue food coloring & shake. Add a small boat that floats. Fill remainder with mineral spirits. Super glue top back on.
Fill ½ water bottle with water. Put 2/3 drops of blue food coloring & shake. Add a small boat that floats. Super glue top back on. Gently turn it sideways back & forth to create waves

Make Rainbows in bottles using colored sand.

Have different colors of arcs or strips, have them glue them to a piece of paper to make a rainbow.

Talk about the bird Noah sent out & make the bird's nest: Use a jar or cup, put moss into it or paper confetti & place in different kinds of eggs (chocolate, malt, jelly beans, hard boiled quail eggs, etc.)


Build an ark with “blocks” of rice crispy squares or rectangular wafer cookies.

Find pairs of animal crackers.

Rainbow jello in clear cups.


Rainbow Color mixing 1: Use Water & food coloring
red+blue=purple red+yellow=orange blue+yellow=green

Big ear for each(should be in packet – copy of Mr. Ryan’s ear)
Craft sticks
Glue or other adhesive
Noah’s ark book (should be in packet)
Small toy animals
Blocks, legos or cardboard boxes
Wooden mallets
Umbrellas or tarp
Spray bottle
Animals toys (2 of each kind)
Bucket or ark or boat
Shallow tub for water
Toy boats
Animal card matching game (should be in packet/box)
Construction paper
Magazines with pictures of animals
Glue sticks
Permanent marker
Paper sacks
Animal crackers
Clear plastic sport drink bottles
Blue food coloring
Small toy boats
Super glue
Different colors of sand
Clear bottles
Jars or cups
Moss or grass
Candy eggs or hard boiled quail eggs
Rice crispy squares or rectangular wafer cookies
Different colors of jello
Clear cups
Wet wipes
Food coloring

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