Friday, March 27, 2015


by Kimber Bailey Scott
1 Samuel 2:19


God Cares for Me
(tune: Farmer in the Dell)

God Cares for me, and God cares for you.
All the time, from morning ‘til night,
Yes, God Cares for us
(point to yourself and to others at appropriate times)

God is so Good

God is so good, God is so good.
God is so good. God is good to me.
(God gives me food, God gives me water, God cares for me, etc.)


Listening Rhyme
By Dorothy Fay Richards

First our feet go tap-tap-tap (tap feet on floor)
Then our hands go clap-clap-clap (clap hands)
We look with both our eyes. (make glasses by circling fingers around eyes)
We hear with both our ears. (cup hands behind ears)
And then our hands fall in our laps (fold hands in lap)


Pull out your Bible from your magic bag. Hold out your Bible. Our Bible tells us that “God is good.” God takes good care of us in many ways. Let’s bow our heads, fold our hands and close our eyes; then we can tell God, “Thank You, God for loving us and caring for us. Thank You for giving us clothes to wear. In Jesus’s name, amen.”


Pull out a hat from your magic bag and put it on. I wear a hat to keep the sun off my face. Clothes are very important. We wear heavy clothes in the winter to keep us warm and lighter clothes in the summer to keep us cook. Each of you is growing and as you grow what happens? Your clothes seem too small. Then you need new clothes. Our Bible story is about a little boy who was growing just the way you are growing. He needed new clothes just like you do sometimes. Let’s listen very quietly to the story about this little boy and his new clothes.

Put your hat back into the magic bag and pull out your Bible and pieces of cloth. Hand out a piece of cloth to each child. Demonstrate sewing motions for the children. Then have them try the motions. Explain that you will be sewing sometimes during the story. When they see you sewing they are to do the sewing motions with you.

Hannah wanted to be a mommy, but she didn’t have any children. So Hannah asked God for a baby boy. And God gave her a baby boy. Hannah named her baby boy Samuel. Hannah loved her little boy very much. She took good care of him. She made him clothes to wear. Make sewing motions.

Samuel was like all little boys. He was growing and growing. He was getting taller and taller. As he grew, his clothes began to feel smaller and smaller. His shirt was too tight. His coat was too short.

Like all mothers, Hannah probably looked at Samuel one day and said “You need some new clothes.”

Samuel looked at himself and said “I need a new shirt and a new coat.” Perhaps Hannah made the new clothes for Samuel herself or maybe she paid someone else to cut some pretty new fabric to make a coat for Samuel. Make sewing motions.

When the new clothes were finished, Hannah probably picked them up and looked at them. Hold up the cloth and look at it. Would the coat fit Samuel?

Then she tried the new coat n Samuel. It fit just right! Samuel liked his new coat. He said “Thank you, Mother, for my new coat.” And Hannah smiled.


Everyone stand up and show me how you are growing. Are you getting taller? Yes, you are! Does anyone have new clothes? New clothes are fun, especially when you are growing and your clothes don’t fit anymore.

Who got new clothes in our story? Who made the clothes for Samuel? That’s right, his mother, Hannah. God helped Hannah to make the new coat for Samuel. God helps your mommies and daddies and other people provide clothes for you. God is good to give us clothes to wear.


The Bible tells us that God made the world. The Bible says, “God is good.“ Can you say those words with me? Say them louder. Say them softer.

Give each one a Bible (or share) & ask each to say, “GOD IS GOOD” Psalm 73:1


  1. Provide dolls and/or teddy bears of various sizes. Let the children dress up the dolls and teddy bears as they see fit. They will need a little help now and then. Also provide blankets so they can easily wrap up their babies.

What would you like to put on your baby? Do you think your baby is cold or hot? What do you think your baby needs to stay warm/cool? What do you have on today? Who gave you that dress? God is good to give us clothes to wear. Thank You, God for our clothes!

  1. Gather several pairs of shoes and boots as well as various pieces of adult clothing that are easy for the children to put on and play in. Accessories such as purses, shoes, hats and ties are of great interest to the kids. You may need to help them with buttons or even just putting on the clothes.

Who do you think wears shoes like this? A mommy or a daddy? When would someone wear boots like this? God is good to give us clothes to wear to keep us warm and boots to keep our feet warm and dry. Where would you go in that dress? Thank You God for giving us pretty dresses to wear to church.


Before class make copies of a paper doll on poster board or cardstock for each child. Cut them out. Cut clothing out of various textures and colors of fabric. Let the children color their dolls first. Then let the children choose clothing they like. Older children can use glue sticks with your help, then add the clothing. For others, put on the glue and help them place the clothing.

You can color your paper doll to look like you or like a friend. What color is your hair? Can you find an _____ crayon to color your doll’s hair? What would you like to put on your doll? Here are some clothes. How does this shirt feel? Is it soft, rough, or smooth? God is good to give us clothes!

Magic bag
Pieces of cloth/fabric
Dolls and/or teddy bears
Doll/baby clothes
Shoes, boots, etc.
Dress up clothes
Dress up accessories
Paper doll pattern
Cardboard or cardstock
Textured fabrics


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