Friday, March 27, 2015


By Kimber Bailey Scott
John 4:46-54; Acts 9:36-39; 2 Corinthians 8:1-5; Romans 15:25-26


I Can Help (tune: the farmer in the dell)
God game me *feet to help (stomp feet)
God gave me feet to help.
I’ll use them every day to help.
God gave me feet to help.

*hands (clap hands)

I Will Help (tune: row row row your boat)
I will help *at home, I will help at home.
I am big enough to help.
I will help at home.

*sub in – at church, my friends, my mom, my dad, my teacher, pick up toys, etc.


I Want To Help
I want to help in every way!
With ears and eyes and mouth (point to each)
With feet (bend down and touch feet)
And hands (clap hands)
I want to help today.
~Dorothy Fay Richards


(Open your Bible to John 4:46-54) The Bible tells us about a time when a father had a little boy who was very sick. Jesus helped the father by making his son well. Jesus said, “Your son will live!” And the son did get better right away! We are not able to help by making people well like Jesus did but we can help people in other ways.

(Open your Bible to Acts 9:36-39) the Bible tells us about a woman named Dorcas who used her hands to make clothes for lots of people. She made clothes for people who didn’t have much money. Our hands may not be able to make clothes but we can use our hands to help people too.

(Open your Bible to 2 Corinthians 8:1-5) The Bible tells us that the church friends in Macedonia sent money to help the church friends in Jerusalem. They were glad to give money to help. We may not have a lot of money but we can use the money we do have to help others.


Give them the circles of yellow paper (we'll call these coins) & a white piece of paper and some glue. Have them stick the coins onto their paper as you talk.

Jesus helped with words. How can we help with words? (saying kind things, telling someone you love them, etc.)

Dorcas helped with her hands. How can we help with our hands?

The church friends helped with money. How can we help with money?


Before class, write with a perm. marker “_______ can help.” Along one edge of each flannel square. Make a “Helper Doll” by holding a small rubber or plastic ball and let the child place the square over it. Fasten a rubber band around the fabric enclosing the ball as a head. Make eyes with a perm. marker.

Show the kids how to dust with a “Helper Doll.” Let them practice by dusting furniture in the classroom.

You can use your “Helper Doll” to help your mom and dad dust furniture at home. When you have helped so much that your doll is dusty; your mom or dad can put it in the washer. Helping others shows we love God. The Bible tells us to “love each other.”


Let me show you some ways you can be helper at home and at church. God wants us to love and help others.

Demonstrate how to do chores like:
  • washing dishes (using a tub of water, washcloths, soap, plastic dishes & towels to dry them off)
  • dusting furniture (have them use their “Helper Doll”)
  • folding washcloths (have washcloths in a laundry basket)
  • washing tables (using damp washcloths or paper towels)

Bible story books
Cut outs
Wet wipes
Permanent marker
Flannel squares
Rubber or plastic balls
Rubber bands
Tub or bucket
Plastic dishes
Laundry basket
Paper towels

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