Friday, March 27, 2015


by Kimber Bailey Scott
Leviticus 26:4


God Cares for Me
(tune: Farmer in the Dell)

God Cares for me, and God cares for you.
All the time, from morning ‘til night,
Yes, God Cares for us
(point to yourself and to others at appropriate times)

God is so Good

God is so good, God is so good.
God is so good. God is good to me.
(God gives me food, God gives me water, God cares for me, etc.)


Listening Rhyme
By Dorothy Fay Richards

First our feet go tap-tap-tap (tap feet on floor)
Then our hands go clap-clap-clap (clap hands)
We look with both our eyes. (make glasses by circling fingers around eyes)
We hear with both our ears. (cup hands behind ears)
And then our hands fall in our laps (fold hands in lap)


Pull out your Bible from your magic bag. Hold out your Bible. Our Bible tells us that “God is good.” God takes good care of us in many ways. Let’s bow our heads, fold our hands and close our eyes; then we can tell God, “Thank You, God for loving us and caring for us. Thank You for giving us water to drink. Thank You for being so good to us. In Jesus’s name, amen.”


Pull out an empty cup from your magic bag. Do I look thirsty? I am! What do you think I want in my cup. Oh! Maybe I want some water! Nod your head yes. Water is what we like when we are thirsty. Today our Bible story is about how God gives us water. Let’s find out how we get water. Put the cup back in your magic bag and pull out your Bible.

When God made the world He knew just how much the earth should be dry land and just how much should be water. God knew that people and animals and plants would all need water to live so God put lots of water in our world. Who can tell me where wild animals get water to drink? Hold up the picture of animals drinking from a lake. Who can tell me how plants get water to drink? Hold up picture of rain falling on garden. And when you are thirsty, where do you get water to drink? Accept all kinds of answers – fridge, water fountain, sink, etc. Yes! That’s right. But where does the water in our refrigerators and sinks come from? Did you know that people get water from exactly the same place that plants and animals do? We get our water from the rain that falls from the clouds and from the lakes and rivers in the world! God give us our water!

God told us in His book just what He was going to do. Point to and read Leviticus 26:4 niv. God said, “I will give you rains at the right season. The land will produce crops. And the trees of the field will produce their fruit.”

God planned our world so that we would have water to drink and water to make the plants grow, so that we would have food to eat. Isn’t God good to us? Let’s thank Him now for the cool, clear water He gives us to drink.

Thank You for giving us cool, clear water to drink. Thank You for being so good to us. In Jesus’s name, amen.


Who can point to the picture that shows how animals get water to drink?
Who can point to the picture that shows how plants get water to drink?
Who do people get water to drink?
Who makes the rain?
Who sends the rain down to water the earth?
Can people make it rain? No, only God can do that. But we can help plants and animals get a drink, can’t we? How do we do that?

Have you ever been thirsty? Did you ask someone for a drink of water? Water is good. It helps us not to be thirsty. God made the water and He gave it to us to drink. God is good!


The Bible tells us that God made the world. The Bible says, “God is good.“ Can you say those words with me? Say them louder. Say them softer.

Give each one a Bible (or share) & ask each to say, “GOD IS GOOD” Psalm 73:1

  1. Take a trip down to the water fountain and the bathroom or kitchen sink. Allow them to get a drink of water. Also show them ice from the kitchen and let them hold it. Talk to them about ice is just frozen water. Talk to them about what snow is compared to rain.
  2. Have cups and cold bottled water or a pitcher of ice water for them to taste.


Before class, put a tarp down on the floor under a table. Then large bath towels. Then the water tub from the teacher’s supply room. Provide some items that will sink and some that will float. Let the children test the items to see if they float or sink.

I like to float boats in the water, don’t you? God gives us water to play in. He also gives us water to drink. God is good! We need water to wash our clothes. How else do you use water? (wash dishes, bath in, wash cars, etc.) I’m glad God gives us water to use in all these ways. God is good to us!

Magic bag
Empty cup
Picture of animals drinking from a lake
Picture of rain falling on garden
SNACK: 1. Ice 2. Cups, cold bottled water or pitcher of ice water
Tarp or shower curtain
Large bath towels
Water tub
Items that float
Items that sink

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