Friday, March 27, 2015


by Kimber Bailey Scott
Genesis 1:26-27; 2:18-22


Creation Song
(Tune: London Bridge)

God created animals and man
Animals and man
Animals and man
God created animals and man
On day six
Days of Creation
(Tune: This Old Man)

On day six God did fix
Animals, mankind and even ticks
God made lizards, cats, and other things that lick
Animals were created on day six

He’s got the Whole World in His Hands
He's got the whole world in His hands (repeat 4x)
He's got the wind and the rain in his hands (repeat 3x)
He's got the sun and the moon . . .
He's got the little bitty baby . . .
He's got you and me brother . . .
He's got everybody here . . .
(Sub two child’s name in – example : He’s got Emily and Canaan in His hands.)

God is Great
(Tune: London Bridge)

God made you and you and me, you and me, you and me.
God made you and you and me. God is great!


Have you ever wondered what it was like for Adam and Eve to be the first people on earth? It must have been very special to be the only people on earth. God gave them a wonderful place to live. Adam and Eve are here to visit us and tell us what it was like to be the first people and to live in God’s beautiful garden. Let’s welcome Adam and Eve. (Adam & Eve enter the room and greet each child with a hug, handshake or pat on the head.)

ADAM: Hi boys and girls. My name is Adam. God created me. Do you remember how God made the world? He made the day and night. He made the mountains and seas. He made the sun, moon and stars. He made the fish and whales. He made the birds to fly in the sky. God made the dogs and cats and all the other animals. What did God say about His world? (children should answer: “This is good.”)

God wasn’t finished. After He created the animals, He had more creating to do. He created people. He created me. I was the first man. I’m very special because God made me. He made me to be His friend.

EVE: I’m God’ special friend too. I was the first woman. Hi, boys and girls. My name is Eve. God created me. God created me to be Adam’s friend.

God made a home for us in His beautiful garden. We lived there together. We took care of God’s beautiful plants and animals. We were happy in the beautiful garden that God made. What did God say about everything He made? (children should answer “This is good.”)

TEACHER: That’s right. But when God looked at the people He made, He was very pleased! This time God said “This is very good!” Will you say that with me? What did God say when he looked at the people He made? (children should say “This is very good!”)


Allow the children to ask Adam & Eve questions. Then help the children say goodbye to Adam and Eve.
The Bible says, “God made the world.” Adam and Eve, the first people, were part of that world. Let’s say our memory verse together.

Have the children stand and teach them a rhyme:

God made Adam. (bow)
God made Eve. (curtsy)
God made me. (point to self)

Adam and Eve were God’s special friends. You and I are God’s special friends too. We are special because God made us.


Thank You, God, for making Adam and Eve and me! In Jesus’s name, Amen.


Did God make the world? Did He make you? Did He make me? Did God make everyone? Yes!

The Bible tells us that God made the world. The Bible says, “God…made the world.” Can you say those words with me? Say it louder. Say it softer.

Give each one a Bible (or share) & ask each to say, “God…made the world.” Acts 17:24


Cut open the windows on the copies. Give each child a page to color. Take a Polaroid picture of each child. Cut pictures slightly larger than the size of the opening. Tape the child’s photograph behind the opening in his picture. Mount the entire page on a piece of construction paper. Help each child open the wind and pray “Thank You, God, for making (name of child).” Write that on the construction paper.


Group the children in pairs as Adam and Eve. Call out the following instructions for each pair to follow together. After 2-3 commands, repeat the “spread out” command.
Adam and Eve, spread out.
Adam and Eve, touch hands.
Adam and Eve, touch feet.
Adam and Eve, spread out.
Adam and Eve, smell the flowers.
Adam and Eve, thank God.
Adam and Eve, pick fruit.
Adam and Eve, spread out.
Adam and Eve, pet the animals.
Adam and Eve, say the memory verse, “God made the world.”
Adam and Eve, spread out.


2 adults – Adam & Eve (or use puppets)
Make a window out of paper for each child
Polaroid camera and film OR pictures from previous week
Construction paper

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