Friday, March 27, 2015

The Shepherds go to see Jesus - GREAT LESSON FOR CHRISTMAS

by Kimber Bailey Scott
Luke 2:8-20

His Name was Jesus
Tune: The Farmer in the Dell

His name was Jesus
His name was Jesus
Thank You, God, for Jesus
His name was Jesus

The Baby Jesus
By Dana Eynon

A stable (make house with hands)
A manger (make box with hands)
A baby (cradle baby)
With animals all around (arms outstretched)
The baby is sleeping (folded hands against cheek)
Let’s tiptoe (walk on tiptoe)
And not make even a sound (Shhh!)

What does a shepherd do? Who would like to dress up like a shepherd? Help several children put on headgear. A shepherd also uses a staff like this. Hold the staff. It is used to help guide the sheep and protect them from danger. You are going to be the shepherds in our Bible story.

Choose one or more children to be angels. Drape white cloth around their shoulders or let them wear angel costumes. Explain to one angel that he will say some words with you. Have angels sit next to you. The rest of you are going to be sheep. Point to these children with the staff. What do sheep say? Explain that they will say “baa” whenever you say “sheep.” I can see that all of you are ready for the story. Put your Bible on your lap.

Some shepherds were quietly watching their SHEEP at night. Most of the SHEEP were asleep. Suddenly an angel appeared! (one angel stands) He was bright and shining. The shepherds were surprised and scared. Maybe they put up their hands and their arms to keep the bright light from shining in their eyes. The angel said, “Don’t be afraid. Jesus is born!”

Then many angels came and praised God. When the angels left, the shepherds left their SHEEP and went to see the special baby. They found baby Jesus lying in a manger. “Shhhhh” the shepherds said to each other. “We don’t want to wake the baby.” The shepherds were so excited about the special baby Jesus, they told everybody they saw about Him.

How did the shepherds feel after they saw Jesus? Why are we happy at Christmas? What do you think the shepherds told other people? What can you tell someone about the birth of Jesus? The Bible says, “His name was Jesus.” Show the children the words in the Bible. Say the verse together. Let each child who is willing hold the Bile and point to the words and “read” them to the class. Luke 2:21 “His name was…Jesus”

The Bible says, “His name was…Jesus“ Can you say those words with me? Say them louder. Say them softer. Give each one a Bible (or share) & ask each to say, “His name was…Jesus“ Luke 2:21

Have things that pertain to the story for them to feel and touch. Cotton balls for sheep wool, baby doll, hay, wood for manger, cloth for shepherds clothing, etc.

Make-A-Nativity Scene with stickers on construction paper.

Play with toy animals and baby dolls with hay in a box.

Shepherd headgear for each child (piece of fabric tied around their head with a piece of ribbon or yarn)
White fabric or angel costume
Make-A-Nativity Scene with stickers
construction paper
toy animals
baby dolls
cotton balls
baby doll
etc. for touch and feel

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