Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Senses

by Kimber Bailey Scott
Genesis 1, Psalm 139:13-15, Matthew 19:19

Have soft children's music playing. What do you hear? God gives us ears to hear nice music.

Give each kid a mirror. Ask them to look at their nose, mouth, ears, eyes and hands.

(tune: London Bridge) - point to each body part when you sing

Eyes & ears, nose & mouth
Nose & mouth, nose & mouth
Eyes & ears, nose & mouth
Thank you God for making me.

(point to each body part)
My eyes, my ears, my nose, my mouth
My hand and feet so small.
My arms, my legs, my tummy, my head,
I know God made them all!
                                ~Sylvia Tester

PRAY: (ask children to repeat you)
God, thank You for giving us eyes, ears, noses, mouths and hands. Amen.

Hold up an apple for the kids to see. What is this? God made apples for us to enjoy. God gave us eyes, noses, hands, mouths and ears so we can learn about and enjoy apples and lots of other things. Give each child an apple but tell them not to eat it yet.

The Bible tells us that God made the whole world and that God made all people. God made you and me. God made each one of us different and special, because He loves us. God made our eyes. Use your eyes to look at the apple you are holding. What does it look like?

God also made our hands and fingers. Use your hands and fingers to rub your apple. How does your apple feel?

God made our mouths and tongues. Use your mouth to bite into and taste your apple. How does it taste? Is it sweet and juicy?

God also made our ears. Use our ears to hear your apple when you bite into it and chew it. It sounds crunchy.

I am so glad that God gave us eyes, noses, hands, mouths and ears so we can enjoy everything He has made! Have them finish their apples and have them throw it in the trash. Let them wash their hands. 

What do we use our eyes for? What do you like to look at?
(optional: have pretty pictures and ask them if they like it)
What do we use our ears for? What do you like to hear?
(optional: Have them close their eyes. Clap your hands, snap, etc. Ask them what they hear.)
What do we use our noses for? What do you like to smell?
(optional: Have things they can smell like a rose.)
What do we use our hands and fingers for? What do you like to feel?
(optional: Have things they can touch with different textures. Which one do they like to touch the most?)

Who made our bodies? The Bible tells us "God made us." Let's say those words together. "God made us." Let each kid hold their own Bible and help them turn to Psalm 100:3 then say it together. "God made us."

"God Says" - like Simon Says
Touch your nose, mouth, ears, etc. Wiggle fingers, blink eyes, raise up your arms, stomp your feet, etc.

Give them each some play dough. Show them how to flatten it out. Then make impressions of your features. They'll have to press hard, you might have to help them. Ears, nose, mouth, teeth, fingers, hands, fingernails, etc.

Soft children's music
Play dough
Pretty pictures
Things that smell: rose, cookies, etc.
Things they can touch like water, cotton, crepe paper, fur, etc.

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