Wednesday, November 28, 2012

God Cares for Me

by Kimber Bailey Scott
Exodus 6:2-8, 12:31-38; 13:17-22; Genesis 6:8-22, 7, 8:1-20, 28:10-17

(tune: Here we go 'round the mulberry bush)
God cares for *me**all the time,
All the time, all the time
God cares for me all the time.
Thank you, High God!

*insert names of children
**Wherever I live
Wherever I go
When the sun is out
When the stars are out

God is near when the sun shines bright. (raise arms above head to form sun)
God takes care of me all through the night. (rest cheek against hands)
God is with me when I play. (pretend to push toy truck or rock a doll)
God is with me every day! (clap hands)
                        ~Mildred Merkel

Let's talk to God. (Ask them to repeat what you say.) Thank you, God for caring for us day and night, when we play and when we sleep. In Jesus' name, Amen.

When you prayed, did you say that God cares for you? How did you know He cares for us? The Bible tells us that God cares for us and everything in the Bible is true. The Bible says, "He cares for you." Can you say those words with me? Say them louder. Give each one a Bible or share and ask each to say "He cares for you." 1 Peter 5:7

(Hold us the pillar of cloud and fire visual aid.) What does this look like? This side is a cloud. (turn it around) This side is fire. Let me tell you how God used these things to show His people where to go.

There was a time when God's people were in Egypt. The king of Egypt made the people work very, very hard. They could not leave Egypt. Perhaps they prayed "Help us, God, help us!" God heard His people. He sent a man named Moses to help. Moses talked to the king and asked him to let God's people go. At first, the king said "NO!" but finally he changed his mind.

All of God's people hurried to pack their belongings. They gathered baskets to put their things in. Give each child a basket or bag. Let's pretend we're packing to leave Egypt. Let's put all our things in the baskets; our clothes, dishes, toys and don't forget some food. Have them put things in their bags/baskets. Now pick up your basket and let's go!

When the people left Egypt, God let them in the daytime with a big cloud. All day the cloud moved and the people followed. They didn't have cars or vans. They didn't have wagons. So they had to carry their belongings as they walked. Lead them around the house with the cloud side facing them. When it got dark, God sent a big fire to light the night and show the people which way to walk. Lead the kids around the house again but this time with the fire side facing them.

When the fire stopped, the people stopped to eat and to sleep (pretend to do so).

God took care of His people all day and all night long. God will take care of you too.

God cared for His people by sending something to show them which way they should go. What did God send? God cared for His people day and night. The Bible says "He cares for you." How does God care for you in the daytime? (food, water, home, parents, etc.) How does God care for you at nighttime? (keeps me safe, helps me not to be afraid, etc.)

Before you start, glue sheets of black and blue paper together. Give each child one. Give them a sun to glue on the blue side of their paper. Also the words "He cares for the daytime." God gave us the sun to shine during the day because He cares for us.

Turn over to the black side and give them the moon and stars to glue on. Also the words "He cares for nighttime." Even though it is dark, God can see us at night. God never stops caring for us. The Bible says "He cares for you." Who cares for you? Yes, God cares for you!

Sit in a circle. Say "He cares for you" several times. Then roll a large ball to one child and say the first word of the Bible verse "He" The child can roll the ball to a second child (or you) while saying the word "cares" Children can continue rolling the ball to each other (you) and saying one word of the Bible verse each time. Help them with the words as needed. During the course of the game ask: Who cares for us? Who cares for you? That's right, God cares for us. The Bible tells us "He cares for you."

Peel bananas and slice into crescents. That is your moon. Cut Star Fruit slices; those are the stars. (or maybe cut stars from slices of apples) Put on blue party plates. Are you afraid of the dark sometimes? What are you scared of? Who takes care of you when you sleep? Mommy & Daddy? Do you know God also takes care of you when you sleep? God loves you and takes care of you.

Pillar of cloud & fire visual aid
baskets & bags or grocery sacks
stuff around the house (toys, clothes, fruit, etc.)
Blue & black construction paper glued together
Colored shapes and words (sun, moon, stars, etc.) - see ART
large ball
blue party plates
star fruit or apples

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